Informations of Arwen Gymnastics

ARWEN Gymnastics
Psycho-Neuromuscular Gynaecological Reorganisation

Owing to our campaign to share information and raise consciousness, ARWEN reorganisational Gymnastics has attracted a great deal of interest to participants of the assisted reproduction programme.
Several successful cases of pregnancy and newborn babies are the fruits of our joint effort with the couples and families that underwent the treatment, as well as those who succeeded spontaneously.

ARWEN Gymnastics has proved to be a great and safe support, as an additional therapy, to assisted reproduction. According to statistical data, the beneficial effects of this reorganisational gymnastics increased the number of pregnancies (due to spontaneous conception or artificial fertilisation) by 56 percent among patients doing this gymnastics regularly.
Based on a review of the special literature and hospital diagnoses of a period of over 18 months, it has been proved that the exercises of ARWEN Gymnastics are well grounded and can improve fertility.

Female patients entering this programme are provided with specialised information: we draw their attention to quality exercising and introduce them to different varieties of exercises they should take (according to their type of problem). Furthermore, we make it clear for them that the purpose of the proposed diet is to counterbalance or avoid the side effects of medicinal infertility treatments having considerable physical and physiological effects.
In the description of the proposed diet, it is emphasised that protein found in vegetables is preferable to protein found in red meat. Patients with a specialised problem are advised to go on a diet rich in a certain type of carbo-hydrate, the amount of which should be accurate to gram. Others having certain autoimmune disorders are recommended a diet of more severe restrictions. Therefore, a unique diet should be drawn up for each patient.
In our experience, already the first month of exercising fosters the functioning of women's hormonal system. Moreover, it improves the favourable effects of administered medicines and the chances of spontaneous fertilisation as well. This led to numerous successful cases.

It is very worrying that our patients are in particularly bad internal medical state (due to high BMI level, or normal BMI level but high cholesterol level, or extremely high insulin level and often high blood-sugar level, etc.) while ovulation inducing treatment and similar medical interventions are performed. This not only makes the outcome of the treatment uncertain but may also cause serious, often irreversible damage to patients' health. The fruitless cases make us question whether these treatments are really effective. [1., 14., 15., 19., 25.]

Based on laboratory findings, it has been proved that in such cases infertility is caused by hyper-insulinaemia or insulin resistance. 95% of the ladies attending the Gymnastics classes are involved in this problem, in spite of the fact that their body mass indices vary greatly, and they have various gynaecologic pathological state and gynaecologic background. Some of our patients had earlier got conception control treatment or other synthetic hormonal treatment (e.g. synthetic gluco-cortioids), GnRH or infertility treatment. The greatest problem is how to treat metabolic disorders of thin patients, since it is particularly complicated to correct their minimal or sometimes considerable disorders. (A disorder of carbohydrate metabolism may cause andrologic diseases and infertility at men as well.) [1., 4., 13., 23.]

Unbalanced oestrogen and progesterone levels, due to either stimulation or childbirth, may have severe and harmful consequences. In case oestrogen prevails over progesterone in the body and it is not balanced by progesterone, the immune system may become exposed to genetically coded illnesses such as any autoimmune illness. [1., 2., 4., 14., 23.]
Women's hormonal system makes the immune system function more effectively. However, the hormonal system fluctuates all through a person's life, and this fluctuation gets more intense in certain life periods. That is why autoimmune illnesses start or get more severe at the time of the first menstruation, at the beginning of taking contraceptive pills or getting ovulation induction treatment, in the period of childbearing and right after childbirth. [1., 2., 4., 5., 14., 20., 22., 23., 26.]
Synthetic contraceptive pills of two steroid components cause such fluctuation in the hormonal system, too. The beginning of taking synthetic contraceptive pills fundamentally modifies the genetically sensitive or defective metabolic processes, since steroids (and also synthetic steroids) intensify metabolism by fostering the synthesis of enzymes and proteins. After leaving the pills off, the hormonal system suddenly starts to work again, which is a period when auto-immune processes are likely to start, and a new type of problem rises: newly diagnosed infertility. [5., 7., 20., 22., 23., 26.]

Based on data found in the special literature, it has been proved that synthetic hormones and analogues have a harmful effect on the body. Such medications are e.g. synthetic gluco-corticoids (which are basically antiphlogistic drugs) and the hormones applied in GnRH treatment. [4., 5., 7., 22., 23.,]
In the case of endocrine illnesses, it is contra-indicated to take synthetic gluco-corticoids, since they may cause metabolic and further endocrine disorders (e.g. Cushing sindrome). Moreover, they may reduce glucose tolerance, produce changes in the patient's weight (in either directions) and induce osteoporosis as well. Furthermore, they may lead to insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus type 2. Laboratory findings of women who had been previously treated with medications of this type indicated such disorders. [5., 7., 19.]
Some hormonal therapies applied in IVF treatment, applying synthetic (LHRH, GnRH) analogues or done according to the so-called long protocol, have an anabolic effect: they metabolise in the liver, and increase the risk of insulin resistance as a side effect. These hormonal therapies raise the LDL (harmful cholesterol) level and reduce the HDL (protective cholesterol) level. At the beginning of the treatment, after a temporary oestrogen rise, the oestrogen level drops, and this dominance may lead to the occurrence of auto-immune markers. The treatment may induce various neurological problems and cardio-vascular symptoms, and may cause digestive problems or lead to the accumulation of water among the body tissues as well. Patients often change their eating habits and gain weight because of their feeling of hunger due to a more intensive metabolism caused by synthetic steroids. Accompanying skin and neurological symptoms are observed as well. Such a treatment (which lasts for months) may lead to severe insulin resistance or diabetes mellitus, and a rise in the prolactin level. [5., 7., 14., 21., 23.]
According to data available in the special literature, a rise in the prolactin level refers to an auto-immune disorder in the body. It was found that prolactin has an immune-modulating effect and indicates sort of a tolerance limit. Thus it is an early indicator of problems occurring later, which was proven by laboratory findings, too. [5., 7., 14., 21., 23.]
Recognized publications have reported that in a number of countries it has been lately avoided to involve certain medications containing synthetic steroids (mostly antiphlogistic drugs and medicines of the GnRH treatment) in the treatment for either endometriosis or other gynaecological problems (e.g. PCOS) because of their harmful effect on patients' health. [7; 14., 21]
Besides prevention, the main objectives of ARWEN Gymnastics is to help couples become expectant, to assist them throughout the period of pregnancy in order to avoid complications, so that they will become a happy family at their baby's birth.
This reorganisational gymnastics helps patients cure their metabolic and hormonal problems, fosters ovulation and the production of quality ova, and facilitates fertilisation and impregnation.
We offer this rejuvenating and beneficial gymnastics for all women but primarily for those with PCOS, auto-immune endometriosis or pre-menopause. We also recommend that they go on a quality (diversified) diet all through their life and try to get their partner and children involved in it, too.
An advanced approach, proficiency and competence are necessary to make the procedure of assisted reproduction more efficient. For the sake of success, recommendations of the relevant literature should be taken into consideration, laboratory measuring techniques of related medical fields should be involved and diagnostic methods should be widely applied, as they make the reproduction procedures safer.
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Information on ARWEN Gymnastics
Let me introduce ARWEN Gymnastics and report on the experience and findings that have been gathered so far.
ARWEN Gymnastics was launched in September 2005. Since then wide experience has been gained. According to statistical data, ARWEN Gymnastics' (Psycho-Neuromuscular Gynaecological Reorganisation) beneficial effects increase the number of pregnancies (due to spontaneous conception or artificial fertilisation) by 50 percent (i.e. at every 2nd patient) among patients doing this gymnastics regularly.
This reorganisation gymnastics (which is protected by service provider's quality certificate, i.e. a type of copyright) exercises and strengthens all the skeletal muscles and makes the whole body strong and tough like aerob training. Moreover, its special positions and exercises regulate the function of the hormonal, the immune and the digestive system. This has been proved by laboratory evidence.
ARWEN Gymnastics is a complex physiotherapic adapted gymnastics: it is based on yoga, it involves some Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises, some elements of the Alexander and the Graham techniques, and some further combined elements and formations, all performed with respiratory exercises. These integrated exercises have a beneficial effect on the entire unhealthy female body. Participating patients receive an additional biofeedback therapy as well. This gymnastics provides preventive treatment for women with no childbearing desires yet, and helps them maintain their health.
When ARWEN Gymnastics was launched, patients were asked to go on a special diet (besides taking part in the biofeedback motion therapy), as it was supposed that there is an interrelation between the hormonal and the digestive system. This diet has been modified on the basis of the findings; it was completed with a list of food types that women with reproductive problems should avoid.
Based on the anamneses, multiple cases in families and clinical evidence, such a trend was observed that certain modifications of the hormonal and the immune system are activated by a metabolic defect or such disease, irrespective of the reproductive problem (e.g. endometriosis, PCOS, early menopause, high FSH level etc.). It is also supposed that the above-mentioned systems constantly interact via feedback mechanisms, thus abnormal alterations become more and more severe. (Concerning endometriosis, the possibility of insulin resistance is mentioned in international special literature.)
In the case of women having infertility problems for years, it is rather complicated to observe and follow up such defects. Therefore, those patients with special dietetic habits and with families where such defects occurred in multiple cases (recorded in the anamnesis), and those with relevant symptoms were asked to have a glucose tolerance test (hyperinsulinemic englycemic clamp). This examination was intended to test for an autoimmune process, insulin resistance (IR), and it yielded a surprising result: nearly all tests that have been done so far are positive. Test data in the normal range and correspondingly higher insulin resistance index was received in case of those patients who had started a proper diet and exercising at least 2-3 months earlier, and who had not undergone a hormone therapy in the concerning time period. However, the IR indexes indicated that an examination (administering a sugary solution) was done, but only at a higher level.
Regardless of age and illness type, positive test results indicate a glucose-insulin imbalance, which may lead to diabetes type II, without proper treatment. In case the reproduction system has some defects, the defects related to some illness may become so serious (due to the glucose-insulin imbalance) that the patient cannot get pregnant or has difficulty in getting pregnant (it takes a few years for her). We intend to make this time period shorter by providing prevention and making the therapy more efficient.
It was not revealed how much insulin resistance is affected by bad nutrition, an earlier life style lacking in exercising and genetic disposition.
ARWEN Gymnastics does not intend to prove that all patients having fertility problems have or may have glucose-insulin imbalance. We only inform our patients about this problem, and call their attention to have a medical check-up that may rule out this problem range. Furthermore, we propose that our patients change their life style, we give them dietetic advice and provide a complex motion therapy supplemented by a unique, special manual treating therapy.
In case a relevant problem is recorded in the anamnesis, we inform the patient's partner (husband) about insulin resistance, give him nutritional and dietetic advice, and propose some individually tailored exercises that can be done at home.
We find it important to warn our patients of the possible complications of ovulation induction treatments and such operations. We also remark that these treatments (GnRH, IVF etc.) are "risk factors" (just like conception control) that may induce defected metabolic processes and may make an illness causing infertility more severe. We inform our patients that gravidity is a hormonal stimulus, which may lead to a progressive illness and consequently certain diseased changes may occur during pregnancy (e.g. GDM).
A further important piece of information for our patients is that amenorrhea above the age of 40 is not always menopause. In such a case it is worth having an IR check-up. This way some early tumorous problems could be prevented. Since it takes several years to evolve a metabolic process that eventually leads to diabetes type II or arteriosclerosis, it is advisable to rule out the possibility of IR in case of diseases of the vascular system and cardiac diseases (which manifest later) as well as diseases of non-evident origin.
It is worth the effort to take good care of the participants of the assisted reproduction programme and share our experience with them in order to achieve success.
We hope this letter will be of useful information.
We would be most grateful for your professional and moral support.
(25th July, 2007)

About the ARWEN Gymnastics

Based on many years of professional and personal experience, a special motion therapy, a gymnastics adapted for women, has been developed, following which women having infertility problems can actively contribute to the success besides taking the prescribed medication and following the doctor's instructions. ARWEN Gymnastics can help patients with organic and non-organic infertility problems and some other types of illnesses; it helps them become pregnant and helps them throughout the period of pregnancy.

An alternative treatment, an additional therapy has been developed in a scientific work, which intends to prove that some types of movements and the related breathing techniques can foster the origination of pregnancy and have a beneficial effect on the body throughout the pregnancy. This additional therapy can enhance medical treatments and intervention, since improving the body's self-control mechanism fosters curative treatments and contributes to their success.

Women's monthly cycle is regulated by various mechanisms. Any disorder in these processes can initiate such processes, which result in infertility as a consequence. The gymnastics entitled -ARWEN' is a complex motion system based on yoga breathing and some basic exercises of Hatha yoga. It also involves unique, specially developed exercises, which foster the optimal function of women's body and contribute to the restoration of physical and mental balance. This gymnastics aims to exercise the organs in the lesser pelvis and to increase congestion in them via appropriate body positions and vital muscular function. Its objective is to affect the hormonal cycle through exercising and restore its physiological function consequently. Thus, this gymnastics enhances the effects of curative, therapeutic treatments that intend to improve fertility and foster a successful pregnancy. This gymnastics represents a complex method affecting patients' biorhythm by improving the function of organ apparatuses through exercising. Various positions of this motion system stimulate the body into natural and rhythmical vital functioning via related centres of the nervous system.

This adapted reorganisational gymnastics is based on basic yoga exercises and involves unique motion elements and formations developed on the basis of personal experience, which form an integral part of the motion system. This gymnastics is a method of restoring women's often weak physique by relaxing the body and making it flexible and tight, strong and tough at the same time. To achieve such a condition, special breathing and various soft and calm positions contribute, all of which take into consideration the location of women's genital organs and enhance their function: e.g. the vital function of internal genital organs in the lesser pelvis is fostered, the symptoms of PCOS are reduced etc. Psychosomatic control, music and a relaxing atmosphere are essential features that contribute to the success of reorganisational ARWEN Gymnastics.

ARWEN Gymnastics is an additional therapy offered for women treated for infertility and those who had several miscarriages. It is a method for patients to contribute to the success of medical treatment, as this gymnastics increases the chance of origination and preservation of pregnancy, and enhances medical treatments and intervention. Despite of the low number of patients, the results of the gymnastics are becoming increasingly apparent: the first treatments of mothers-to-be were successful. The secret is simple: do it!