About Arwen Gymnastics

Informations of Arwen gymnastics
ARWEN gymnastics is a special, genuine gymnastics of complex technique: it is an additional therapy besides treatments for organic and non-organic infertility (caused by PCOS, endometriosis, pre-menopause, obesity, clogged Fallopian tubes etc.). This is an adapted gymnastics with music, which has a positive effect on women's vegetative nervous system, their muscle function and their internal genital organs in the lesser pelvis. (It was protected by copyright.)

The main features of the gymnastics are as follows:

- Body-conscious control: It fosters consciousness of isolated muscles and helps raise consciousness of organs and organ apparatuses.
- Special positions and basic exercises: Hatha yoga basic exercises (asanas) and basic elements and positions taken from other motion techniques.
- Abdominal breathing and full yoga breathing: The obturator muscle gives the abdominal organs an intensive massage.
- Specially adapted motion techniques.
- Additional individual exercises form an integral part of the motion system.
- Exercises and relaxation are done under psychosomatic control.
- As well individual treatment.

General effects of Arwen Gymnastics:
- Stress is relieved and psychosomatic balance is restored through improving muscle tone.
- It helps patients lose weight, go on a calorie-controlled diet and keep the desired weight.
- Physiological motion boundaries of joints are restored, joints become more lissome without getting overloaded.
- The body's self-control mechanisms are maintained (the immune system is stimulated).
- Effects on the vegetative nervous system: permanent reduction of blood pressure, complete elimination of cramps at menstruation.
- Patients of higher body mass index can also do the exercises.

The objective of ARWEN Gymnastics is to help patients experience its special effects.
Special effects of Arwen Gymnastics:

- It exercises women's internal genital organs and sets them in motion multilaterally in order to help their physiological, vital functioning.
- It fosters cyclic hormonic activity.
- Its unique hormonal effect is balancing hormonal levels.
- Its effects foster treatments for infertility.
- It fosters quality ovulation.
- It increases congestion in the lesser pelvis.
- It fosters the embedding of the ovum after impregnation.
- It helps to avoid diabetes gestationis (diabetes during pregnancy), toxaemia and various types of metabolic problems during the entire period of pregnancy.
- It includes exercises for the genital organs based on yoga.
- It delays climacterics (i.e. menopause) due to its internal and external rejuvenating effects.
- There is no contraindication, this gymnastics can be done besides any type of treatment.

Features of the individual treatment of ARWEN Gymnastics:

- Manipulative and psychosomatic techniques based on Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises, combined with kinesiologic techniques.
- Supplementary biofeedback therapy.
- Neurological treatment of symptoms.
- Improvement of the physiological functioning of women's internal genital organs.
- Contribution to the reorganization of the central nervous system.
- Contribution to the revival and reorganization of the body, due to some unique effects.
- Relief of defective conditioned reflexes.
- Reorganisation of the self-regulating mechanisms of the body.
- Restoration of psychosomatic balance.
- Relief from depression.