ARWEN Gymnastics

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ARWEN gymnastics - Psycho-Neuromuscular Gynaecological Reorganisation

ARWEN Gymnastics was launched in September 2005. Since then wide experience has been gained. According to diagnostics of the labour and statistical data, ARWEN Gymnastics' (Psycho-Neuromuscular Gynaecological Reorganisation) beneficial effects increase the number of pregnancies (due to spontaneous conception or artificial fertilisation) by 56 percent among women patients, who have infertility problems (PCOS, endometriosis, untimely menopause, high FSH level, obesity, defect of the uterine tube etc.).
Patients can freely enter, the therapy is offered before, during and after treatments for infertility and endocrinologic treatments as well. The gymnastics shall be regularly done so that it can be effective and successful.
This reorganisational gymnastics is done under psychosomatic control, it helps patients lose weight and fosters the body's optimal function. This experiment served as a topic for a thesis, which introduces the general and special effects of the gymnastics, and assesses the results achieved so far. This reorganisational gymnastics fosters fertility and helps avoid problematic pregnancy: it helps patients become strong and tough in the long run and makes their body persevering.

Hello, my name is Tünde Németh, I am a physiotherapist and a motion practitioner. I offer a special motion therapy to women who have infertility problems. I named the gymnastics ARWEN. This motion therapy is an adapted gymnastics for women, who have infertility problems wich are a) non-organic (e.g. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome /PCOS/, untimely menopause etc.) or b) organic (e.g. defect of the uterine tube, endometriosis etc.).
ARWEN gymnastics is a slow and smouth type of musical gymnastics, a unique motion technique I have developed. This gymnastics involves total breathing, some basic yoga excercises, other techniques and some exercises that I developed, and it should be done under my psychosomatic direction. This gymnastics prepares women for pregnancy both physically and mentally, and helps them keep their balanced or calorie-controlled diet as well.
I have developed ARWEN gymnastics based on many years of personal and professional experience. I perform the exercises together with ladies and help them improve their movements. ARWEN gymnastics proves fairly effective. It can be a complementary treatment for infertility in clinics (applied besides artificial insemination or in vitro fertilisation /IVF/ etc.) and it can help women with problematic pregnancy through the entire gestation period, until child-bearing.